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For Light Sport, Ultralight & Experimental Aircraft



Z~FLOATS, For LSA, Experimental and Ultralight Aircraft

Z~FLOATS offers a welcome new range of choices to owners of Light Sport, Ultralight and Experimental aircraft who are looking for amphibious floats.

Design and construction of Z~FLOATS incorporates advanced aluminum and composite technologies for low weight, anti-corrosion protection and maximum toughness to protect against wear and abuse.

Floats are readily available and rated at 1500 lbs.


Installation of Z-FLOATS proceeds with calculation of center of balance, center of bouyancy, center of lift, angles of incidence and the forces acting on your combined aircraft/float system in order to insure optimal placement of the floats and connections.

We pay meticulous attention to installation of struts, hydraulics, electrical systems and control cables, then prep and paint your floats and add boat cleats.

All of our Z~FLOATS installations are test flown and tweaked for safety and performance before returning the aircraft to you.

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The Team

Z~FLOATS are made of aluminum, with Kevlar composite modules at the bow and other areas subject to wear and tear.

The floats are designed, manufactured and distributed by Z~FLOATS, LLC, an experienced international team composed of individuals from the United States and the Czech Republic.

Z~FLOATS are now available to order from SportairUSA, LC.

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Z~FLOATS are available to order from SportairUSA.

Call or email us with information about your aircraft and to discuss pricing, installation and scheduling.

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